As with any procedure, ear microsuctioning and gentle irrigation carries a small amount of risk and potential side effects, most of which are very rare.

Risks of the Procedure
  • Incomplete Clearance - there is a 97% success rate. However, if you require a second visit, it is always FREE.
  • Dizziness - the procedure can cause dizziness but usually this is temporary and lasts only a few moments.
  • Cough - you may feel a tickle in your throat or develop a cough. This will stop as soon as the procedure is over.
  • Noise Damage - the equipment generates sound which may cause short lived hearing loss known as temporary threshold shift. There is an extremely rare chance of tinnitus being caused, existing tinnitus worsening, or permanent hearing damage.
  • Trauma - there is a very small risk that some trauma could occur to the ear canal or eardrum. In extremely rare cases the eardrum can perforate.
  • Infection - there is a small risk of infection after Microsuction and Irrigation.